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About Ink LARP

INK is a boffer LARP (Live Action Role Play game) that uses the Accelerant system. Our genre falls somewhere between Horror and Science/Dark Fantasy, as told through the lens of the 1980s. Walking that line between tongue-in-cheek and deadly serious, Ink is a game of monsters and magic, PhDs and poltergeists, Walkmans and Witches. We strive to be a game that is inclusive, quirky, and deconstructive around the tropes that movies like Ghostbusters, Gremlins, or A Nightmare on Elm Street gave us.

Our Horror is that of terrible monsters that do terrible things, only to to be stopped by the creativity and passion of people pushed to be extraordinary. A quote from Stephen King's IT hammers home our type of fun:

"If there are ten thousand medieval peasants who create vampires by believing them real, there may be one--probably a child--who will imagine the stake necessary to kill it. But a stake is only stupid wood; the mind is the mallet which drives it home."

Our basic conceit is that stuff from other, parallel worlds have slipped into our rather mundane existence. Some things are the monsters under the bed, others have bigger implications about what was here before the walls between worlds got a bit thin in Fake Boston (New Albion). The world is a little weirder than the actual US in the 1980s, but outside the Quarantine Zone, it's not all that different.

And, for the record, our first event was about two weeks before Stranger Things premiered.

In the summer of 1983, the people of New Albion, Massachusetts experienced an incident of "mass hysteria" - rumors speak of the sky turning red, and a rash of sudden, unexplained deaths... many people speculate that it may have been a massive viral outbreak, but many of the murmurings in circulation lean more to darker, possibly supernatural explanations. What we know is that a lot of people died, and now a big chunk of New Albion's red light district along the Boston River is locked up tight. The event was contained when the US Department of Scientific Intelligence (DSI), partnering with local technology magnate Phosphor Polytechincal (P15), instituted a small-scale quarantine of the area known as The Combat Zone.

In the fall of 1984, the New Albion Quarantine Zone (NAQZ) had to be expanded, and by 1986 threats inside the fences were at an all time high. DSI Director Dr. A. Shane Towers expanded his "personnel" beyond his DSI subordinates to include a number of particular adventurous "contractors" taken from various walks of life to assist in maintaining order in the NAQZ. Rumors in the QZ swirl about those "contractors"- how some of them have been made particular brands of strange due to their time in the Quarantine Zone. All the better to deal with the dangers presented by a cult of Witches interested in using all this chaos to further their otherworldly patron's horrific goals.

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