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Here's what everyone's been talking about: In the summer of 1983, the people of New Albion, Massachusetts experienced an incident of "mass hysteria" - rumours speak of the sky turning red, and a rash of sudden, unexplained deaths... many people speculate that it may have been a massive viral outbreak, but many of the murmurings in circulation lean more to darker, possibly supernatural explanations. What we know is that a lot of people died, and now a big chunk of New Albion's red light district along the Boston River is locked up tight. The event was contained when the US Department of Scientific Intelligence, partnering with local technology magnate Phosphor Polytechincal, instituted a small-scale quarantine of the area known as The Combat Zone.

It's been two years now, and life goes on for those of us who go on living - thanks largely in part to the Albion Broadcast System, who make it their mission to provide us alternative and far more cheerful intrigues with which to occupy our minds. Now, everyone's talking about the brand new game show, American Centurions, set to film its premiere episode on July 4, 1985!

American Centurions was meant to blur the lines of the fantastical and the realistic. Capitalizing on the tabloid rumors of monsters and magic in the New Albion Quarantine Zone (NAQZ), the show pitted contestants from all walks of life against physical and mental challenges meant to test their mettle. Winners were meant to head to the infamous N.A.Q.Z. to film a documentary. However, before the first episode could even finish filming, chaos descended upon the set! Special effects went awry, blood was spilled, and it became clear that this was more than just a run-of-the-mill case of Hollywood shenanigans.

The people in charge were quickly supplanted by some of the ‘sponsors’ there to watch the show, and as talks of air strikes and the CIA made it around, the danger got bloody and real. The fact that a number of those sponsors were paramilitary companies soon became very clear when the automatic weapons and explosives came out in an effort to deal with the troubles. Troubles that included a very angry Woman of the Woods, whose habitat had been disturbed by all the ruckus put on by the shows filming. Flanked by a horde of gibbering spider-legged monstrosities, this creature called “Rogda” in some reports chased the contestants and surviving crew into her forest. They have not been seen since.

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