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People of the NAQZ.

Person Description
Dr. A. Shane Towers
The power behind (and in front of) the throne for the Department of Scientific Intelligence, Dr. Towers is well known in the US's Department of Defense as a man that gets results. Having managed the NAQZ since its inception, Towers seemingly knows just about everything that goes on within its fences. His partnerships with a number of private companies have yielded much of the NAQZ's defenses. Rather than hideout in DSI's makeshift HQ, Towers is often seen leading investigations into the NAQZ's numerous incidents and issues. His most prominent staff includes Watch Captain Arliss "Arlo" Wallace, Ward Captain Oscar Scarlett, and Special Agent Dr. Aileen Cole. Before heading up the then newly-created DSI, Towers served as the Deputy Director of the CIA's Office of Science and Technology. Such history has led to a bit of professional rivalry with DOD colleagues that remain with the Company- namely CIA Director Emerson Brown.
Levi Morris
Vice President of
Public Relations
Phosphor Polytechnical
The official liaison between P15 and DSI, Levi Morris is often known as Dr. Towers' left hand. With the NAQZ as one very particular testing ground for Phosphor's experimental technologies, Levi is a busy, busy man. Gregarious and visionary, he is known to mediate and broker unconventional agreements between disparate parties. There's no motivator like enlightened self interest, after all. Levi is the driving force behind Phosphor's Next Big Thing, the P7 personal defense device. Unlike his family members that make up many of the Board of Directors' positions at the company, Levi is often seen 'in the trenches.' .
Memphis Morris
EVP of
Research & Development
Phosphor Polytechnical
Serving as Phosphor Polytechnical's senior official in the NAQZ, Memphis is said to report directly to P15 chairman, his older brother Ashton Morris, II. Memphis is exact in his words, taciturn, and deeply involved in the company's work with DSI and the NAQZ. Memphis controls the company's more experimental and unconventional interests and represents those interests to DSI, as P15's liaison to the Department of Defense.
Emerson Brown
Director of the CIA
Supposedly working out of the CIA headquarters in Longmont, VA., Emerson is routinely spotted either in the NAQZ or communicating with those influential people behind the walls. A longtime public servant, Brown has been a part of the CIA for over 30 years. His work- both domestic and abroad- in intelligence gathering, experimental weaponry, and "situational control" have given Brown quite the reputation as a Real American Hero in this time of global strife. When the history of the Cold War is written, Emerson's name will either be completely stricken from the books, or he'll wind up right alongside Ronald Reagan, Joe McCarthy, and Henry Kissinger.
Dr. Ellen Cole
Chief Medical Examiner
Head of DSI's ever-expanding Residential Containment program, Dr. Cole's work is largely around the thousands of deceased persons still locked inside the Quarantine Zone. Between the victims of the Grey Flu (and their subsequent victims), and the civilians trapped alongside them, there is ample work to be done. Pragmatic and solution-minded, Dr. Cole is often the person with her hands dirty and her labcoat stained.
Dr. Hector Sinclair
A Government Contractor working for a number of the organizations attached to the NAQZ, Sinclair is a scientist with a voracious appetite for discovery. With an eye for design on new technologies, the good doctor has pioneered a number of experiments meant to replicate phenomena witnessed insides the NAQZ's numerous walls. While his work often sounds like the stuff of 60's sci-fi TV, Sinclair has managed to amasss quite the favorable reputation among Department of Defense higher-ups.

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