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The New Albion Quarantine Zone

NAQZ Entrance Checkpoints

Checkpoint Description
1. DSI
Bartlett Station (outside the NAQZ)
2. South Station
Fraternal Order of Public Safety
3. Miskatonic    Medical
Back Bay
4. P15
Copley Square -- Main Entry Point
   (Phosphor Polytechnical)
5. Morris/PIM
Longfellow Bridge (Oxford)
6. Boston General
Waterfront, Hatchshell

NAQZ History

Originally erected in the summer of 1983 to combat a sudden and virulent strain of the flu, the New Albion Quarantine Zone was largely out of the public eye for nearly a year. This obscurity was largely in part due to the fact that the QZ warded off the city's beleaguered red-light district, the Combat Zone, from the rest of New Albion's downtown. In the fall of 1984, a public event at the nearby New Albion Public Library was interrupted by an explosion in the subway tunnels below the New Albion Commons. This event caused a breach in the NAQZ's barriers, and ultimately resulted in the QZ's expansion to the parameters it currently holds.

Front page article from the New Albion Roundview October 16, 1984.

Pages from the World Wide Tattler's December, 1984 edition.

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