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Scott, Game Director
Scott shares the title of owner & lead GM of Ink LARP with Eric. He seeks to captain his ship across the reaches of the Further Oceans, but in the meanwhile is cutting his teeth writing LARPs, authoring excessively meta Pathfinder games, and figuring out the best way to add stabbing tips to boffers. Particularly phobic of both sci-fi AND fantasy, Scott dwells in the world of modern and modern-ish supernatural horror. He owns more pink garments than is reasonable for a man in his thirties. A staff member of Clockwork Skies, he has either PCed or NPCed for nearly every game active in the Accelerant system since 2014.

Eric, Game Director
A bard on the streets, barbarian in the sheets, Eric is the co owner and GM of Ink LARP along with Scott. Eric cut his teeth running LARPs with Mind's Eye Theater and remains a devoted fan of everything gothic horror. He has recently retreated back to his native land of Vermont, but frequently returns to Mass to do battle with all manner of costume clad creatures. As a long time roleplayer, theater club kid, and RPG aficionado, Eric looks forward to creating a rich world that blends beloved fantasy tropes with neon lights and rock ballads.

Michael, Plot Staff
A longtime veteran of Accelerant and Mind's Eye Theater, Michael lends his experience and expertise from a host of games, including the Accelerant flagship, Madrigal.

Ezra, Plot Staff
Welcome to Ezratown.

Mark, Plot Staff
Mild mannered night baker, Gamer, and anime enthusiast; Mark Danskin was bitten by a mutated Larping Bug about 10+ years ago. Since then he has been playing various types of Larps like Accelerant, NERO, Realms, and Cause & Effect systems. Halloween has always been his favorite holiday, so making costumes and props has always been a thing for him. Mark is also staff for Living Heroes: First Watch which is a super hero Larp and is a core NPC for Occam's Razor and was 7 Virtues. He is super stoked that he is able to join the INK Staff on helping them write plot and with his experience would make wonderful epic worlds that the PCs would play in. FANTastic!!!

Derrick, Plot Staff
The Bug Man Cometh. Derrick is a professional monster who has peddled his wares across New England for a goodly number of years now. Never one to shy away uncomfortable costumes (or gluing latex to his face), he commits every bit of blood, bile, and bone to his roles. After running many a mod at Ink since the very start, he now runs and writes his own madness for the game. Derrick is a core NPC for Occam's Razor, and brings to the table years of experience running tabletops and terifying Haunted House patrons!

Kyia, Plot Staff
Actual Monster. The only Ink staffer to come by her lab coat honestly, Kyia has been bringing the ooky and the icky to the game since our inception. As the creater of some of Ink's signature mods, she now crafts her own stories in the depths of DSI bunkers and NAQZ back alleys. A core NPC at Occam's Razor, Kyia holds the record for making the highest number of props that might make people actually faint. We'd say 'eat your heart out,' but we've seen what she does with that kind of inspiraiton.

(Big) Mike, Plot Staff
Mike is also a staffer at Hellcat Jive, and can usually be spotted carrying a buick on his back.

Tess, PC Coordinator
Almost definitely some kind of imaginary friend or Fetch, Tess is a complete LARP virgin. Enamored with tabletop roleplaying and overly complicated board games, it only seems natural to make the transition into LARPing and spending time with people she likes to hang out with anyway, just with costumes and probably funny ears (she’s still not 100% sure how all this works). Armed with the powers of Resting Nice Face and Feeding All the People, she’s looking forward to jumping in and is just thrilled to be included.

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